Zen Dinosaurs Pseudo-Swearing Carnivores: Coloring Book

Zen Dinosaurs Pseudo-Swearing Carnivores: Coloring Book


Sometimes you just need to be reminded about how awesome you are! And who better to remind you than funny, fierce, carnivorous dinosaurs?

This coloring book has 30 hilarious positive affirmations delivered by carnivorous dinosaurs and framed by relaxing mandalas. Our single-sided designs features the scientific name of the dinosaur on the back so you can learn while you color. Each page has a pseudo-swear version of a funny positive affirmation, so anyone can enjoy the humor anywhere at any time.

Some examples include:

  • Velociraptor mongoliensis reminding you that you are “Stronger than sugar”
  • Azhdarchinae Quetzalcoatlinae who are “Busy transcending tomfoolery”
  • Compsognathus longipes saying “Kiss my asphalt”



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  • High quality: All of our coloring books have been thoroughly proofread. Guaranteed to be typo-free, with no spelling or grammatical errors!
  • Premium glossy cover
  • Large size: 8.5 by 11 inch pages of high-resolution printing for crisp clear images
  • 30 single-sided prints
  • 60# white uncoated paper is ideal for colored pencils or crayons

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