Things Morticians Say: A Funny Coloring Book

Things Morticians Say: A Funny Coloring Book


Do you know someone who is fascinated by death or who has a slightly macabre sense of humor and love (ok, slight tolerance) for puns and word play? Or are you in need of some funny phrases to help reduce the stress of your dead end job as the last responder?

If so, then this book is for you!

This coloring book has 30 phrases that will have you dying laughing or at least chuckling as you have a morgue-arita. No swear words. Just some phrases to lift your spirits. Plus a few humerus dad jokes and morbid puns.

Some example phrases include:
• I have a dead end job
• A burial plot is the last thing you need
• Real friends help you move bodies
• People are dying to meet me

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  • High quality: All of our coloring books have been thoroughly proofread. Guaranteed to be typo-free, with no spelling or grammatical errors!
  • Premium glossy cover
  • Large size: 8.5 by 11 inch pages of high-resolution printing for crisp clear images
  • 30 single-sided prints
  • 60# white uncoated paper is ideal for colored pencils or crayons

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