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How to Use This Page

This page has additional educational reference material for the coloring book entitled “Explore Indonesia’s Wonders and Nature”. Available for purchase here. 

As you color, if you would like to learn more about the places, check out the links on this page. Please note that clicking any link will send you to a website outside of 

You are encouraged to use this map to find where the places are. Simply click “View larger map” and a new tab will open with Google Maps and you can type in a specific location. For example: Nias, Indonesia. 

Indonesia has a rich and ancient culture as well as natural beauty. Enjoy your journey!

Map of Indonesia

Places and traditions shown in the coloring book.

  1. Stone Jumping Tradition on Nias 
  2. Karapan Sapi on Madura
  3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in East Jakarta
  4. Mount Bromo
  5. Raja ampat papua
  6. Komodo Island
  7. Beach in Lombok
  8. Karimunjawa
  9. Beach in Pacitan
  10. Parangtritis Beach
  11. Tugu Yogyakarta
  12. Senayan
  13. Lok Baintan Floating Market
  14. Farmers in the field
  15. Batik Cloth
  16. Pedicab 
  17. Bolon House
  18. Suku Baduy
  19. Uma Bokulu
  20. Baileo House
  21. Honai House
  22. Rumah Gadang
  23. Jakarta Cathedral Church
  24. Borobudur Temple
  25. Prambanan Temple
  26. Temple in Bali
  27. Ulun Danu Temple in Beratan Lake in Bali
  28. Ngaben Cremation in Bali
  29. Tana Toraja
  30. Geriten

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